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What are the symptoms of a broken diesel vehicle injector?


Symptoms of a broken diesel vehicle injector include: 1. Engine shaking; 2. Decreased power and increased consumption; 3. Increased exhaust emission pollution; 4. Difficulty in starting or even stalling; 5. Engine cylinder shortage; 6. Black exhaust from the car. cigarette. As the supply terminal in the engine's fuel supply system, the fuel injector plays an important role in injecting fuel into the cylinder at a certain time and at a certain pressure. The reasons for the broken fuel nozzle of diesel vehicles are: 1. The diesel is not clean; 2. The machine temperature is too high and the injector is not cooled well; 3. The outlet valve is worn; 4. The outlet valve is worn; 5. The injector is missing during installation. The gasket or gasket is damaged; 6. The pressure of the sprayer is too low.