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Tesla of Musk


Musk announced that Tesla Model Y will become the world's best-selling car in 2023. The appearance, interior and size of Model Y 2023 will not change much. Tesla Model Y is located in a medium-sized SUV, and its endurance should be the focus of the change. The new car will carry M3P battery with a capacity of 72 degrees. The cost of M3P battery is lower than that of ternary, but the energy density is increased by 15% compared with lithium iron phosphate, reaching 210Wh/kg. The 2023 Model Y is more than 650km. The electric vehicle of 29650km SUV will create a new benchmark.

Musk has two dreams: 1. The rocket flies and the sea of stars. 2. The car sank and the whole people Tesla. Rockets can be recycled, and trams can be popularized. Musk's $25000 Tesla is in the process of research and development. The new technology will reduce the cost of battery by 50%. It is expected that it will be officially produced and sold in China around 2023 and exported to the world. Musk does not like the name Model 2. We temporarily borrow it. Although it is cheap, it is equipped with complete automatic driving. Next year may be the first year for Tesla to fully embrace automatic driving. Musk hopes that the cheap compact SUV "Model 2" has no pedals and no steering wheel. Both Model 3 and Model Y are milestones in the development of electric vehicles, and Model 2 is more worthy of expectation.

Tesla fully embraced the first year of automatic driving. FDS BETA version. Comprehensive promotion in the United States