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Q:Adjustment method of diesel fuel injection nozzle


A:Adjustment method of diesel fuel injection nozzle:
When adjusting the fuel injection nozzle, it should be installed on a special test bench after being removed from the cylinder head. The fuel tank and oil pipeline of the fuel injection test bench shall be cleaned, and the fuel tank shall be filled with filtered diesel oil with high cleanliness, and the site shall be kept clean.
When checking the opening pressure of the fuel injection nozzle, first increase the oil pressure to 15.7 with a hand pump × After 103kPa, lift the hand pump evenly at a speed of about 10 times per minute until it reaches 18.5 × Start fuel injection at 103kPa;
At this time, there shall be no leakage at the fuel injection nozzle. The spray hole shall be allowed to be slightly wet, but there shall be no oil dripping. The difference in the injection pressure of each fuel injection nozzle of the same engine shall not exceed 250kPa.
If the pressure does not meet the requirements, you can turn the injection pressure regulating screw with a screwdriver to adjust it. When the screw is screwed in, the injection opening pressure will increase, and vice versa. After adjustment, tighten the locknut and repeat the calibration until the specified nozzle opening pressure is reached.
When pressing the hand pump at the speed of 60 times per minute, the oil mist should be fine, and the oil particles in each oil hole fog beam should be evenly distributed, with the same length, and there should be no visible splash of oil droplets; The fuel is cut off in time and there is a clear sound