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What is the development trend of the automobile industry in 2023?


Forecast 1: The global sales of electric vehicles will reach a new high in 2023, but the growth rate will slow down

In the past two years, the global sales of electric vehicles have increased from 3.2 million in 2020 to 10 million in 2022. According to the prediction of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the global sales of electric passenger vehicles are expected to rise to 13.6 million this year, of which about 75% are pure electric vehicles.

Bloomberg pointed out that even if the subsidies for new energy vehicles in the Chinese market decline, China is still the global leader in electric vehicles. In 2023, the sales of electric passenger vehicles in China will reach 8 million.

At present, the global number of electric vehicles is about 27 million. According to Bloomberg forecast, the global electric vehicle ownership will reach 40 million by the end of this year, accounting for about 3% of the global total vehicle ownership, which is a big leap from 1% at the end of 2020, making electric vehicles the fastest growing track in the process of global energy transformation